Urban Hot Spot – Old Sage

Old SageWe showed some great townhomes to a couple of clients and needed to sit down after the tour to chat about the buying process so we rolled into The Old Sage in Capitol Hill.

The Old Sage is a smoked meats and malts spot. Marco was stoked about the Scotch menu and I was happy to see Strongbow on the menu. We tried a couple of the plates and one even came out in a glass cloche, which when they opened it smoke from the smoked meat came billowing out! We tried the Foie Gras, Amberjack, Pork Cheeks, and Puffed Sour Bread. All incredible. The Foie and Bread were the table favorites.

If you are looking for some unique food and a nice malt list, check it out!

– Loren

Click here to check out their website.

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