Urban Hot Spot – Manolin

ManolinWanting to catch up with some lovely friends and clients near their new home in Wallingford, we picked a place none of us had yet tried, Manolin.

The location on Stone Way was super convenient and our clients were even able to walk there! As we waited for our table in the bright light blue interior space we were able to enjoy their outdoor fire pit and some delicious cocktails. Once seated, we ordered more craft cocktails and shared several plates at the table. Their seasonal and local menu changes frequently so dishes don’t hang around for long, but I will say one of our favorite dishes was a salad, which seemed like it would be super simple but the flavors were incredible together! Really an amazing dish. Everything that we ate and drank was wonderful so eat family style and try a ton of options, you won’t regret it! Great spot!

– Loren

Click here to check out their website.

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