uberHop is Here to Make Your Commute More Pleasant

uberHOPUber just launched uberHOP, a new transportation option for commuters. Seattle is the pilot test city and this commute option hits the city tomorrow.

The idea? Pay a $5 flat fee to ride with up to 5 other passengers in an SUV to work. There will be a designated pick up location and a designated drop spot. For now, uberHOP is offering three routes, from Ballard to South Lake Union, from Wallingford/Fremont to Downtown and from Capitol Hill to Downtown. The service will run from 7am-10am and from 5pm-8pm. If this ridesharing option becomes popular and well used, Uber will add other routes in the future.

If you currently live in the three neighborhoods being served and work in or near the dropoff locations, this might be a nice option to you! And if you are thinking about buying a place and/or moving to Ballard, Wallingford/Fremont or Capitol Hill, this might solve your commuting concerns.

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