Timing Imperative with Lease Ending and Landlords selling! Buyers Need Quick Home Search in Competitive Market for a Townhome in Ballard

Grant2When these friends had their landlord give them notice to move out so they could sell their rental house, they realized it was time to get in the market and buy their first place.

For every buyer there are different priorities and factors that drive the process and for these buyers it was all about timing. Having moved out of their one rental and into a sub leased rental, they were on a hard and fast time schedule. They needed to be moved out once the folks they sub-let from moved back into town. On top of that, one of the buyers was working crazy hours at a new job and taking the medical boards. With marching orders to find them a great townhome or house in northwest or northeast Seattle that they could move in within a month and a half, we started out at a full on sprint to get the finish line in time. After looking at properties on several tours we narrowed in on townhomes for their low maintenance quality and ease. After unfortunately losing out on one multiple offer, we found another gem that fit the bill. We wrote a competitive offer and scored this family a great spot, and with a fabulous lender on board, closed this sale in record time and exactly one week before they had to move!

Can’t wait to check out the townhome when you’re all moved in Matt and Jess!

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