The Wait for the Perfect West Facing Insignia Condo Is Over

We helped this buyer purchase at Insignia Condominiums in Belltown when it was brand new. After having it as their second home for 3 years, they decided that they wanted to upgrade to a west facing unit in the south tower on an upper floor and we set out to locate this dream condo.

With only 10 units in Insignia that met their requirements in terms of height in the building, size of unit and direction they face, sitting around and waiting for one of these units to come on the market wouldn’t get the job done. We crafted a letter explaining our client’s qualifications to purchase, knowledge of the building and their hope to upgrade into this specific floorplan and mailed it out. We received a call from an owner who received our letter and got the conversation started with them and their agent. We were able to put together an off-market offer that worked for both our buyers and the sellers and our buyers purchased their dream second home in Insignia with sweeping westerly views.

Hope you are enjoying those sparkling Puget Sound views Celeste and Kai!


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