Support Local – Take Out Options During ‘Stay Home, Stay Healthy’

Right now it is super important to support our local businesses to help keep their employees working and tide them over until the Stay Home ordinance is lifted. Here are a few of our favorites but there are a ton so make sure before you rule out a local joint for take out, to check out their website!
  • Delicatus – sandwiches and salads
  • Buddha Bruddah – Hawaiian style food
  • Taylor Shellfish – fresh seafood
  • Hopvine – sandwiches and pizza
  • The Whale Wins – Northwest food with a twist (has cocktail kits to-go!!!)
  • Rione XII – Italian cuisine
  • Vinason – Vietnamese food
  • June Baby – southern cuisine
  • Lost Lake – hip diner food
  • White Swan – they’re serving food from all 3 of their restaurants (White Swan, Radiator Whisky & Matt’s in the Market) out of the 100 Pound Clam take out window (we boated up here for take out last weekend!)
Another great option for supporting our local restaurants would be to purchase gift cards to use after things open back up!

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