Sun and Slushy Drinks Go Hand in Hand


Mama'sWhen the sun comes out in Seattle it is our opportunity to enjoy a nice cold slushy cocktail. But where do you go to get one? Blenders in bars are quite uncommon so it can be hard to find. Seattle Met magazine has done us the favor of compiling a list of places to pick up a slushy treat. Here it is 🙂

  • Bait Shop in Capitol Hill –  They have a slushy cocktail called The Painkiller on their menu permanently as well as a rotating frozen concoction for your imbibing pleasure.
  • Artusi in Capitol Hill – Having purchased a machine just for this last year, they are still working out what their recipes will be for the season but have settled on at least one, The Pink Hook.
  • Chico Madrid in Capitol Hill – This place rocks a ready to pour sangria and although this is not technically slushy, it is refreshing for summer!
  • Mama’s Mexican Kitchen in Belltown – I am throwing Mama’s in the mix because I have always been a fan of their strawberry margaritas, the classic slushy cocktail! And they have a great happy hour and patio.

I am sure there are more slushys around town but that is a great start! Pop by one of these spots this weekend and slurp down a nice blended beverage.

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Source: Seattle Met Magazine

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