South Lake Union Bartells Has Growler Fill Station

Growler StationWhile walking down to Lake Union to enjoy an afternoon of kayaking, we stopped into the new South Lake Union Bartell Drug Store to pick up some essentials and noticed something rather unusual but quite exciting. We discovered a local beer growler fill station featuring beers like Mac and Jack’s African Amber and Manny’s among others.

According to a recent article by PSBJ, the sales of the tap beer have been brisk. Especially on Fridays when some Amazon employees are reportedly allowed to drink beer at work. Proximity to Amazon could be the reason that this is the first Bartell to sell beer on tap, but no matter the reason we find it to be a nice added bonus and a great way to drink our favorite local beers at home. All you have to do is purchase a growler (64 oz glass jug) or bring your own, and fill ‘er up!

Click here to read the PSBJ article.

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