Selling Townhome in Alki to Move up to a Single Family Home

3045_59th_ave_sw_14Getting under contract on a fabulous new construction house in West Seattle triggered phase two of this family’s real estate needs; selling their Alki townhome.

Once we negotiated through this couple’s inspection on their home purchase, we set out to sell their townhome in as short a timeframe as possible. Since they would be living in the townhome when it hit the market we did not need staging but instead took an afternoon to go over with them how to properly thin out their belongings and rearrange their furniture to help the space appear larger. We worked out a showing schedule that worked for them and their baby but would also be as easy as possible for agents and buyers. The photos and video were shot and the marketing collateral created. Hitting the market we knew we were priced right, well presented and accurately promoted. And we received two offers on our review date, escalated the price up and got the ideal closing timeframe negotiated. Then we marched along to an easy closing.

Looking forward to coming over for more wine nights at your new place Jeff and LeeAnn!

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