Selling Second Home in Ballard to Time to Market

We sold this client his Ballard condo several years ago to use as his second home when he was visiting Seattle. He wanted to be walking distance to all the amenities in Ballard and found that this was the perfect condo for him. However, seeing the sold prices of other units in the building, he figured he should sell now and strike when the iron was hot and that is just what we did.

There are several strategies when it comes to pricing a property for sale. Some opt for pricing it low to generate multiple offers, which pushes the price up and reduces the number of buyer contingencies in a competitive offer review environment. Some opt for the other side of the coin, price it at the highest price you think you would get in a multiple offer situation and assume you will get one offer at list price and accept that happily. We call that pushing the price. For this seller, he didn’t need to sell and would happily keep his second home if he didn’t get the price he was looking for so you pushed the price. And in 1 day we got it and moved quickly and easily through closing, coordinating every aspect of the sale for this client who lives out of the country.

Looking forward to selling you a new second home Gene!

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