Selling Second Home at Mosler Lofts in Belltown

MoslerHaving sold a condo of theirs back in 2008, when it came time to sell another they knew who to call. This condo was owned by the family, and used only as a second home when visiting our great city!  When the family decided it was time to stick to California it became time to sell their Mosler Lofts view condo.

This beautiful view condo in Belltown had views of the Sound and had always functioned as a second home so it was in great shape. Because the space was small, it was important to have it staged so buyers could see what all could fit in the space. Despite what might seem intuitive, spaces typically feel smaller with nothing in them as there is nothing to provide scale.  Therefore staging a condo or house will show its true size. With the staging complete and a professional cleaning done, presentation was complete. After working out the right marketing price by comparing comparable sales, pricing was ready. Once the professional photos and video were done and the marketing pieces were compiled highlighting the fabulous features, promotion was off and running. With the three P’s dialed in, we received an offer in 3 days and were closed in less than a month.

Thanks so much for the business and enjoy sunny LA Chris, Candi, John and Barbara!

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