Selling Queen Anne Investment Condo to Focus on Growing Family

326_queen_anne_ave_n_06After we sold a condo to this wonderful client back in 2007, she met and married her husband and moved into a larger home. Once she found out they were pregnant, she reached out wanting to sell her condo, which had been a rental for the last several years.

We got together and made a game plan. After seeing the condo in person, there were a few touch ups we thought would help the place really shine. Painting cabinets, painting the walls and staging would do the trick. Once the tenant moved out we were ready to pounce and get the work completed as quickly as possible. Deciding on the right marketing price together, we hit the market. Fielding questions from buyers and agents, making sure anyone wanting to put offers in had the resale certificate to review in advance and making sure we were cultivating as many offers as possible, we waited for our offer review date to see how we did. 9 offers came in. After carefully considering them all, we signed one around and were closed less than 2 weeks later!

Congrats on the new baby Anya and Beryl!

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