Selling Parents Condo in Queen Anne

Referred to us by a friend, these sellers had their condo on the market, and it wasn’t selling so they were looking for a new agent to get their parents condo sold.

We met up, gave them our game plan to sell, our preparation ideas and suggestions, our pricing strategy, and our promotion plan. They decided we were the team for them, and we moved forward to relaunch their property on the market. Condos can be more complicated as there are more moving parts involved and it is important to find yourself a condominium expert when you are looking to buy or sell a condo. Condos are great, we live in one and love it, but make sure your agent understands them well. With our plan in place we marched through each step until we located a buyer and were able to get these sellers on to the next chapter of their life.

Thanks for trusting us Lynn and Suzi!

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