Selling Magnolia Condo to Move Back to Tacoma

We first connected with these sellers when our previous clients referred them to us.  They were looking to sell their Magnolia condo so they could move down to Tacoma so we started the conversation.

After we began chatting about their condo sale, it came up that their condo building was about to undergo an exterior updating project including new siding. This is great as the condo building would be looking fantastic once completed, but listing a condo for sale when it is fully scaffolded is a challenge. So, as a team, we decided to hold off until the work was complete. After keeping in close contact and monitoring the project’s progress, we set out to list the condo about a year later. We helped to reorganize their furnishings, de-clutter the space and it was quickly ready to hit the market. Pricing came next, a tough task of deciding whether or not to list at a competitive price and have an offer review date or to price it at a level that was pushing the market up and take offers as they come. In the end, we pushed the price and received a full price offer in a week! Then it was about coordinating the closing details and keeping our sellers fully informed.

We hope you love living in Tacoma Bill and Theanne!

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