Selling Large Redmond Home to Downsize to SLU Condo

Our wonderful and loyal clients, whom we have helped with 5 real estate transactions over the years, referred us to their parents to help the parents sell the Redmond home they raised their kids in so they could downsize into a South Lake Union condo to be closer to their grand kids.

Living in a house for 46 years is hard to leave but these sellers were ready. An estate sale was arranged and once the house had been cleaned out, we had to discuss if work would be done to the home or if it would be sold essentially as is, knowing that the new buyer was likely to remodel it to their tastes. While gathering bids for work and talking through the options, the sellers were approached by their neighbors. It turns out the neighbor’s daughter and her husband were looking to move into the neighborhood and were interested in seeing and potentially purchasing the house. After giving them a private tour and letting them know the as-is price, we received an off-market offer! We were able to sell the home with the least amount of work needed, which is just what these sellers were looking for.

Enjoy downtown living Phairun and Mallika!

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