Selling Lake City Townhome to Move to Green Lake

We were connected with these sellers through our contractor, who was working on our kitchen remodel and theirs at the same time. They mentioned wanting to sell their Lake City townhome and our contractor thought of us right away and made the intro.

Our first meeting included visiting their townhome and talking through the options. What price works? Offer review date or no? Light remodel or leave it as is? Stage or don’t stage? After walking through the pros and cons of each scenario, explaining the market conditions and nailing down the ideal timing we can up with a plan! First was the light remodel to the bathrooms in the townhouse, then it was time for staging, next comes professional photography and videography and finally we hit the market with a well-crafted marketing plan. One week later on our offer review date, we saw 6 offers and accepted the one with the best overall terms, which included the waiver of the inspection and the financing and appraisal contingencies, making it the most secure deal. Only three weeks later, we were closed and all was done right before the New Year.

Thanks for letting us help you sell your Lake City townhome Emily and Thomas!

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