Selling Kenmore House to Move Up into New House

After locating these clients a new home in Bothell, it was time to prepare and sell their Kenmore home.

For some sellers, there just isn’t a whole lot of work to do on their home due to the incredible amount of upkeep they do on their homes. And that was the case for these homeowners. They followed a maintenance plan, serviced the systems of the house, repaired things through the years as needed and we highly recommend this approach to all of our homeowners! It makes selling your home less of a chore. That said, there are always a few things to do like cleaning, window washing and fresh paint. After pricing the house for an offer review date and preparing the marketing campaign, we were able to get multiple offers and sell this home for 12% over our list price.

We loved working with you twice this year Chris and Amy, thank you!

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