Selling Investment Condo in Queen Anne

After helping this client sell one of his two investment condos a few years prior, he decided it was time to sell the other and even with covid looming, we knew we could help this past client get his condo sold in any circumstances.

We worked hard to prepare this studio for the market while we were closely watching the covid situation unfold. We were able to get the condo launched on the market before the shutdown. However, it was just barely, and 4 days into our market time, real estate was names non-essential. Wait what?! So we waited it out and turns out that wit was only 10 days, turns out we are essential after all.  Pricing in the new covid world was tricky especially since we weren’t sure how comfortable buyers and their agents would be showing condos in person but in the end we prepped it right, priced it correct and promoted it appropriately with video, 3D walkthrough, photos and a floorplan making it easy for buyers to see it even if not in person. We sold it the day it came back on the market.

Thanks for trusting us with your sale Mark!

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