Selling House to Buy Bigger House Next Door in Wallingford

Once these clients found out they were the winning offer on purchasing their neighbors house, we had to prepare their current home for the market. What does it take to get a house on the market in two weeks’ time? You’ll soon find out!

Living in the home with their three kids, we decided that it would be beneficial to put some items in storage and rearrange the furniture to make the house feel more voluminous. We came up with a list of handyman items to make sure everything was working properly and looking its best. We hired several professionals for window washing, cleaning, roof and gutter cleaning, photos, video, floorplans and the 3D walkthrough. Hitting the market in just under 2 weeks, we were off and running. The offer that we received and signed around was a great solid offer and the sellers were excited to meet their new neighbors once the house sale closed.

Glad you were able to sell your home and move next door staying in the fabulous Wallingford Ryan and Amber!

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