Selling Green Lake Condo to Move Up into House

After receiving our postcard in the mail announcing our two quick and successful condo sales in her neighborhood, this seller reached out to get the process started to sell her Green Lake condo.

Our first consultation is imperative to set expectations, explain market conditions and walk through our process of the 3 Ps, Presentation, Promotion and Price. Once a Seller understands what to expect from the market and from our team, we can get the process rolling. Presentation is first, getting the condo ready to receive a steady stream buyers. Then promotion, where we launch our marketing efforts online, in the condo, in person at open houses and with our colleagues. Last is price, strategy is key with this element as even though the market sets price, where you start and whether you do an offer review are important details to nail down. With the 3 P’s in line, we were ready for the market and received an above asking price offer in 6 days with a closing in less than three weeks.

Now that the condo sale is behind you, it’s on to finding your new home Colleen!

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