Selling Condo Now that New House has been Purchased

With their new house purchased and moved into, it was time to sell their townhome condo in Woodinville.

It’s all about the three P’s, preparation, promotion, and price. Step one is to prepare the house for the market, make it neutral and appeal to the greatest number of buyers as possible. Clean, fix and update things so the property is as move in ready as possible. Once the preparation is complete, we can come up with a pricing strategy based on the prepared condition of the home versus the competition and similar sold homes. After the price is nailed down, it’s time to promote, promote, promote, with professional photography, videography, ads, websites, open houses and more. When a buyer was located, it was all about making sure the contract sticks by providing all the information the buyer requests and as early on in the process as possible so we can move through to closing quickly and smoothly.

Thanks for letting us be apart of your home buying and selling journey Maria and Jacob!

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