Selling Childhood Home in Bellevue

Sent our way by previous clients, this Seller reached out to us when it was time to sell his childhood home in Bellevue.

Sometimes after we have toured a home, we will give sellers two different sets of recommendations. This will typically be a more as-is option with just a few light updates and then a more comprehensive list of updates. Then we will provide price ranges for each option. For some people maximizing the profit and decreasing the time on market by doing more updates is worth it and some people prefer to get on the market more quickly and have less work up front. This seller chose to do an overhaul of the house to have it looking its very best. We coordinated the work, kept the seller updated on the progress with photos, and simultaneously prepared the marketing so we’d be ready to hit the market. That preparation was worth it! On offer review we received 28 offers and skid for 150% of our marketing price.

Thanks for trusting us to sell your home Steve!

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