Selling Central District Townhome

Once these sellers closed on their new home, we set out to sell their hip in-city townhome in the Central District.

Preparation, promotion, and price are the landmarks to selling. Preparation shines the best light on your property and makes it feel accessible and appeal to the greatest number of buyers. Promotion pushes your home out to the masses to ensure the most sets of eyes are on your home. Price is imperative as well. Sometimes to avoid leaving money on the table, you can set the price high when you come on the market, and that works fine as long as there is a price reduction strategy in place if an offer is not received in the first month. With this unique townhome, we had to be patient to find the right buyer, but after one price reduction we snagged ourselves a buyer and were able to close before the end of the year.

Enjoy your new house guys!

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