Selling Belltown View Condo to Move Closer to Kids

We helped this client sell her family home in Broadview and purchase a view condo in Belltown for her empty nesting years. It is now time for her to sell this lovely condo and move closer to her kids in Oregon.

For this seller, we were in no rush to get the condo on the market so we set out to make a plan of action to prepare the condo for sale that she and we could work on over the months while she looked for her new spot in Oregon. Once her new home was located and she moved out, we were ready to pounce since we set up a plan far in advance. Most important for this condo, was to highlight the lovely sparkling and active waterway views of the Sound. This was done with staging placement, photographs, video and marketing pieces that call attention to that lovely bright west facing outlook. Within a week, we had a full price offer and a very happy client.

Enjoy Oregon Louise!

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