Selling Ballard Condo to Move Closer to Family

Since helping this client buy his Ballard condo back in 2013, life changed and when it was time for him to move closer to family, he reached out to us so we could help him with the sale.

By the time we saw the condo it was already vacant and ready to get spiffed up for the market. We met with our seller to give him our recommendations on the optimal condo presentation tweaks and we set off to get the team rolling.  Minor appliance repair, carpet cleaning, staging and a move-out clean were coordinated. Once they were complete, we ran fresh comparables to come up with the best marketing price to attract the most buyers possible hopefully garnering multiple offers, driving the price up and increasing our chances of receiving contingency-free offers. We were successful. After sorting through 5 offers, we settled on one $52,300 over our list price with all contingencies waived, giving our seller a rock solid contract.

Good luck in Vancouver Chuck!

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