Rental Home Being Sold Expedites Home Purchase

Referred to us by their co-worker who is a client of ours, these folks found out that the owner of the home they were renting was going to put it on the market and sell it. Instead of moving into another rental, they expedited buying their first home.

The Buyer consultation was spent understanding these client’s needs. What they want in their new home. What they don’t want. When they needed to move by. What questions they have. Once we understood their needs, we walked them through the current market conditions, buyer process and the pre-approval process. Then it was tour time. After seeing several homes, these buyers realized what house they really wanted to purchase was their rental house. So we approached their landlords, talked through how the sale would look off the market and prepared our own market analysis on price. After the landlords decided selling off market worked for them, they approached us with their price, we negotiated until we reached agreement. After the inspection and due to our buyers knowing the home intimately, we were also able to negotiate significant repairs. Then it was all about working through the lending, Escrow and title steps. And the best part, these buyers didn’t even have to move!

Glad you were able to stay in your home Britt and Peter!

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