Relocation to Seattle to be Near Family Leads to Remodeled Phinney Ridge House

We have helped this family with their real estate needs for almost 15 years so when this buyer and her husband decided they wanted to relocate from the Bay Area back to the PacNW, they reached out to the family agent team (us!) to help get them started.

This search was one that morphed over time as the family’s needs changed. Keeping an eye out for houses over the years allowed this couple to keep an eye on our Seattle market while they waited for the perfect house to make itself available at a time that was right. Whenever these clients were in town, we would show them properties, and this helped to tighten up the criteria and narrow in on their requirements. They struggled between wanting something new, for the conveniences that newer systems and finishes offer, and wanting something classic, for the charm and warmth. When we saw a house on Phinney Ridge built in 1915 but completely remodeled and done so in a way that maintained the old-world charm but completely updated every system and surface, we sent it to them right away. After previewing the house and sending a video, they hopped on a plane and we wrote this baby up! After negotiating a seller credit and inspection items, we were set to close quickly and smoothly. Working with clients for 5 years if that is what it takes to find the perfect home, is perfectly fine with us!

Welcome home!

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