Relocating to Seattle Lands These Buyers in West Seattle

Referred to us by a college friend of theirs, who is a long-time client of ours, these buyers were planning their relocation to Seattle from Virginia and were looking to start the conversation.

We connected and had a virtual buyer consultation, since they were living across the country, and talked through the nuances of the Seattle market, so they knew just what to expect in our local market. We referred them to local lenders who could help them with their pre-approval and assist in making their offer competitive in our multiple offer environment and then sent them some options to check out. Anything they liked, we popped over, previewed the property, and sent over a detailed video. When they flew out to check out homes, we had a full weekend set up to get them acquainted with the neighborhoods they were considering and the homes they were liking. They found a winner on that trip out and we were able to write up an offer the Seller couldn’t refuse. We were also able to negotiate some critical inspection repairs and we were off to smooth closing.

Welcome home, Seattle is so happy to have you David and Michael!

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