Relocating to California from Belltown for a Change of Pace

Having already worked with us 3 times before, when it was time for these sellers to move out of Belltown to sunny San Diego for a change of pace, they reached out to their favorite realtors ?

We began the process by figuring out their timing. They purchased a new construction condo in San Diego, and we started with the closing date on that condo and worked backward. We chatted through how to de-personalize and neutralize their condo to make it appealing to the greatest number of buyers. We walked them through the current market conditions and chatted through our pricing analysis, including how to price in comparison to a very similar unit that was currently on the market in their building. While we were all working on preparing the condo, an agent who had shown the similar unit that was on the market mentioned to Marco, at their Condo Network Group meeting, that their clients loved that unit but felt the price was too high. We had already decided on a price point with our clients, which was in the range these buyers were looking for, so we set up an off market showing. And these buyers wrote it up and closed a month later!

Can’t wait to visit you in San Diego Bob and Don!

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