Relocating Forces Sale of Beautiful Phinney Ridge Home

We helped these clients purchase their first home back in 2016 and they found a wonderful home in Phinney Ridge they thought would be their forever home. Then after her schooling ended, she found her dream job in another state, so they had to sell their home and that is where we came in.

Our seller consultation encompasses a lot of information but when you work with us, we walk you through each and every step, help coordinate and meet vendors, walk you through your preparation options and do anything we can to ease the stress of prepping your home for the market. Once the preparation is complete it is all about pricing and promotion. Pricing and offer strategy are key. We fine tune our pricing as close to our list date as possible so we can account for the most recent comparable home sales. Once we nail down the marketing price, we launch our marketing campaign. For this home, with everything dialed in, it sold for full price in one week.

Enjoy Indiana Michelle and Matt!

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