Relocating to California So Selling Edmonds Home

A colleague of our recommended contractor, this family was looking to relocate to California and sell their Edmonds home.

It all began with simply helping them come up with a plan. Deciding what to pack up early and what to leave in the house while they were living there during the listing period. Working through what repairs should be completed to make sure the house showed its best. Helping them with a plan on timing, what works best for the family. Once we nailed that down we moved into the pricing phase. These sellers wanted to push price and just take offers as they came in as opposed to pricing low and hoping for competition. The strategy is based on your risk level. If you would be happy if you only got one offer at the lower price than it is worth the risk but if that lower price is too low for comfort, you should price at what you think the house will sell for and not wait for offers. We received a full price offer and moved through a more traditional transaction process negotiating the inspection and moving through a 30-day closing.

Good luck with your California adventure Peter and Cherie!


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