Ready to Buy First Condo in Kirkland and Get into Market

Starting with getting pre-approved, which is a great place to start, this buyer nailed the financing piece down, and then their lender referred them to us to assist with their condo search.

Some buyers have vague criteria and some have specific criteria, and it is on us, as their guide through the market, to respect those needs and help them find just what they are looking for. No matter what criteria a buyer sets out up front, those will ebb and flow once they get out into the marketplace and see what is out there, helping them to fine tune what it is they really want. And with this buyer it was no different, we starting in Seattle and ended in Kirkland, we started with townhomes and settled on a condo. But that is the beauty of the home search, you look until you find what you truly love and then we help you make it happen!

Happy Eastside living Ryan!

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