Purchasing Investment Condo in Capitol Hill

After first meeting us last year while on the hunt for an investment property in Seattle, this couple took a break from the search for awhile but the next thing we know we are getting a call from them and they have found a condo they love and want to buy!

This is the story of the 24-hour turnaround! It starts with a call from these buyers saying that they had started casually looking for an investment property again online and came across a condo on the Hill they loved. The husband decided to check it out on the way into work that morning. They indicated they wanted to write an offer on it. The offer review date was the following morning. We sprang into action! First, we connected them with a lender who is super responsive, fast and great to work with, so they could get their pre-approval. These buyers hustled to get the lender everything they needed. We completed a price analysis, so we could discuss their max escalation price and then went over what offer strategies they could use to compete in this multiple offer situation. The following morning came around and we were ready to pounce. We crafted an incredibly competitive offer and it was accepted. It was the fastest turnaround from contact to closing on a property to date for us!

Way to respond quickly and get that condo Sachin and Garima!

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