Purchasing First Investment Property Near Light Rail

Looking to buy their first investment property, they went online to research finding the right agent. After reading through our shining reviews on Zillow, they decided we were the perfect condo experts to guide them through the process.

The most important factors to these buyers were price point, so they could cash flow on this investment, a building without a rental cap and proximity to the new north end light rail. We focused on condos in Northgate, Roosevelt and the University District. Also, to get the maximum rent possible, they recognized that having a washer and dryer in the condo and at least one parking space would be their best bet. Being walkable to the light rail station in these neighborhoods narrowed our condo building options so we knew we would have to be patient with this search. Exactly 1 year from our Buyer Consultation, the condo they had been waiting for, came on the market. A wonderful 2 bed 2 bath University District condo in the right price point with 2 parking spaces. We were able to negotiate a lower price for these buyers, walk them through their questions during their Resale Certificate review and took them through each step through closing.

Good luck with your first investment property Michelle and Doug!

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