Pioneer Square – What’s New?

Pioneer Square is booming and being revitalized by a rush of new restaurants, markets, coffee shops and bars opening up. Over the last 3 months, we have seen quite the lineup of new spots opening, with more to come, so we thought we would highlight them all here for you so you can go check them out!

Pizzeria Gabbiano – opening today!

Taylor’s Shellfish

Rain Shadow Meats

The London Plane 

Damn the Weather

Good Bar – opening soon

Elm Coffee – opening soon

Quality Athletics  – opening soon

Cone and Steiner (a neighborhood market) – opening soon

With all of these new hangouts popping up, we want to make sure you don’t forget about the classics! Here is a list of our favorite Pioneer Square spots that have been around for a little while.



La Bodega

Bar Sajor



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