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Pier 62 Unveiling Revives the Seattle Waterfront

Posted by admin on April 13, 2021
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Following so many shuttered businesses, restaurants and cancelled events, it seemed that Seattle was in need of a win. And thankfully, that’s just what the city received in September 2020, with the unveiling of the reconstructed Pier 62 on the waterfront.

The new pier, comprised of 175 steel legs and an attached floating dock with concrete paneling, has been under construction since 2017, when safety concerns led to the closure of the original Pier 62. It’s opening was particularly timely, too, as shortly before it reopened the popular Pier 58 partially collapsed into Puget Sound.

But beyond offering a bit of hope to bored Seattleites, Pier 62 is just one piece of a much larger puzzle. The pier will offer a space for art and community, and already features installations from local artists. In the future, community planners foresee live music, food trucks and, most importantly, space for cultural events like ceremonies for local tribes…

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