Perfect Lynnwood Condo for First Time Home Buyer

This family found us by searching online for a condo expert real estate agent in the Seattle area. They landed on us, we were flattered.

We met on the phone first to tell this family more about us, how we work with our buyers, about our condo expertise and to make sure we were the right fit for them. Turns out, we were a fit! And it was time to learn more about what they were looking for in their new condo. Learning about their needs and also their concerns with condominium building management, potential upcoming assessments and rules, we knew the most important part of this buyer process would be reviewing the condominium documents. We found a condo that ticked all their boxes and we diligently combed through the documents. Once comfortable with the building, were able to then focus on the inspection and negotiate a credit for our buyer and then move through to closing.

Thanks for trusting us to help with your condo purchase Pam!

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