Moving on Up from Queen Anne Condo to Phinney Home

We sold a great little Queen Anne condo to this client near to her work in 2013. However, since then she has gotten engaged and her and her fiancé were ready to move up in to a single-family home so they reached out and we got the search started.

First things first, can you buy first or do you need to sell first. That is the hurdle we deal with a lot in this market. If you need the equity from your sale to purchase, you will want to sell first but then once your current property sells, where do you go while you are looking for your new property? For these guys, they could come up with the down payment needed to buy first and were able to stay in their condo during the search, which is a great way to do it if you can! With a broad location requirement, we looked at homes from West Seattle to Greenwood. Time was on our side so we waited for just the right place. After a couple offers where we were not the winning bid, our time came on a great house in a fabulous neighborhood! We were the winning offer and we walked them through a smooth 3-week closing.

Enjoy Phinney Ridge Kim and Brian!

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