Moving Back to a House from a Condo

Having previously downsized from a large home in Bellevue to a condo in Downtown Seattle 13 years, which we helped them purchase, these sellers decided it was time to move out of Downtown and into a house to be closer to their grand kids in West Seattle.

Needing to buy and sell, we met several times to talk about which should come first. Ultimately it was decided to sell first to eliminate the overlap in mortgage payments on two properties. However, while the prep began on the condo, we were keeping an eye on the inventory in West Seattle. When something that looked to match their exact needs popped up, we sent it over to them and viewed a few houses. But when this house came on the market, it looked perfect so we set up a showing on day one and wrote it up the same day! In order to encourage the sellers to take our offer instead of waiting for multiple offers, we offered slightly above list and tied this beauty up! So in the end, they bought before they sold but it was the right decision because they found the perfect house for them! Now on to selling the condo!

Enjoy being close to those grand kids of yours Karen and Barry!

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