Moving Across the County to Home in West Seattle

Sent our information by a family member whom we helped purchase a home just months earlier, these clients were relocating from Boston to Seattle and were looking to purchase a home.

After having our first consultation on the phone while they were still living across the country, we learned that they were looking for a single-family home in West Seattle or north Seattle. They had a great advantage of having corporate housing provided for them so they were not in a rush to find a home. They flew into town and we had our first home tour and we found a home they loved on the first time out. Unfortunately, we weren’t the winning offer on that home. However, all things happen for a reason as they found a house they loved even more and this one was in the same neighborhood as their sister! We put our best foot forward and submitted a super competitive offer and bought a house. The closing was a smooth and quick 3 weeks and they were out of corporate housing and in their new West Seattle home!

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest Jared and Johanna!

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