Looking for a House in North Seattle for Growing Family

Having sold this couple their first condo back in 2014, they decided that, with a new baby on the way, it was time to move up in to a house with a yard. We got together over some delicious wine and started the conversation.

First things first, determine whether or not these buyers need to sell their current condo first or if they are able to purchase first. Also, do they intend to sell their condo or keep it as an investment? Interested in keeping their condo, we determined with their lender that purchasing a home and keeping the condo was a go and with their down payment money sourced, we were ready to go! Looking for something close into the city center, where they both worked, they were focused on finding something with a reasonable commute. After looking for a while and not finding anything that suited them we had an idea. We had clients who had recently purchased a home in Northgate and found themselves in a situation where they needed to sell and wanted something quick and painless. We approached them. They agreed to sell the house off market for the right price. We showed the house to our buyers and provided them with the price the sellers needed to make it happen and BOOM! A win win for everyone. We were able to connect sellers in need with buyers who couldn’t otherwise find anything that worked.

Enjoy your new house Michael, Rebecca and Zosia!

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