Looking for a House in a High Scoring Elementary School Boundary

Past clients of ours, who we helped purchase a home in Bryant back in 2011, referred friends of theirs over to us when those friends decided to move to Seattle from Salt Lake City.

The home search had one very important criterion, to be in Seattle in a  school boundary with an excellent public elementary school. That was criteria number one. Once we narrowed down which schools they approved of and which neighborhoods and boundaries those fell within, the house also had to have 3 bedrooms, 1.75 baths, a 2nd living space and good storage place for tools and equipment. The hunt began. We saw houses from Whittier to Olympic Hills to Wedgwood. With specific needs and a price point that are very common amongst other buyers in the market, we had to engage in several multiple offer situations. After missing out on two homes, we triumphantly entered into our 3rd multiple offer and nailed it! The house was the perfect fit so it was the first time these buyers were willing to push up to their max budget because they loved the house entirely! Whittier was the sweet spot! Once we scored the house, we walked them through every detail of the closing process so they always knew what to expect and when. We were even able to get them closed 5 days early so they had more of a buffer to move.

Enjoy your new Whittier gem Tom, Emily and Elliott!

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