Looking for a Second Home Close to their Grandchild

This couple are the parents of good friends and reached out when they decided they wanted a second home close to their new grandchild.

This home search mostly centered around finding the right neighborhood to live in and what type of property they wanted to buy. Did they want to have a single-family home so that they had a yard and more flexibility when it came to renting the property out? Did they want a townhome that is more vertical with more stairs but also flexible for renting? Or did they want the lowest maintenance option of a condo but the option with the most rules and restrictions with regards to renting? And do they want to be walking distance from family, driving distance or ferry distance? After touring through all the property types and various locations from Ballard to Bitter Lake to Bainbridge Island, they landed on a townhome style condo in beautiful Bainbridge Island.

We are so happy you found your perfect second home David and Jeanne!

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