Looking to Buy First Home in Seattle Near Family

These buyers were referred to us by clients who purchased a house with us a few years ago. Thank you Brit and Nina!! They were wanting to purchase a home near family and their jobs, and they were ready to get out there and get going!

Looking to be somewhere near to the Central District, in a nice well taken care of house with off street parking for their adventure mobile, we had our game plan for the house set. Then it was all about offer strategies. In a very competitive price point and looking for a house close to the core of Seattle, we knew we would need to be prepared to compete. To do this, we needed to go over all the offer strategies available to our buyers, so they would be aware of all the potential tools in the offer toolbox they could pull out and use when the house was right. However, with inventory in their price range in the neighborhoods they loved being so incredibly limited, we tried to focus on homes that didn’t have offer review dates or those that had been on the market over a week to limit the competition. It did the trick! Not only were we able to find a fabulous home in Beacon Hill but we were even able to get several inspection items taken care of by the seller and a monetary credit for these buyers. It can still happen, even in this market!

Enjoy Beacon Hill Derrick and Jessi!

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