Liquidating South Lake Union Condo

Getting closer to retirement, these sellers wanted to have the freedom to retire and move when the time was right and selling in an up market seemed like a good first step.

At our first meeting with these friends and neighbors, we talked through the current market conditions, their monetary goal for the sale, and the selling process. It has been awhile since had helped them sell a condo (since 2006!) so we wanted to make sure they understood both the current conditions of selling in Seattle and more specifically, in the downtown condo core. We also wanted to refresh them on the ins and outs of selling, reexplaining the three P’s: presentation, promotion and price. After learning their goals with the sale in terms of what they hoped to make, timing and moving, we decided now was indeed the time for them to sell. They moved into their new place, we fancied things up ever so slightly to make sure the presentation was right and set our professional photographer, videographer and 3D walkthrough folks loose. We hit the market, promoted the condo heavily online and in person through several open house events and received an offer and closed all within one month.

Thanks for working with us again Ken and Dana!

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