Just Married Couple Buys First Home in Northgate

HandronLongtime friends of ours, this couple got married and thought that once they got back from their honeymoon they enter into the housing market and buy their first place. We got a phone call that they were ready and so were we!

In the multiple offer environment we are currently in right now, buyers have to develop a bit of a tough skin as there will be houses you will love that you won’t get, so being ready for what this market is like is crucial. Looking for a single family home for under $575,000 in northwest Seattle is challenging, but not impossible! Anytime a home meeting their criteria popped on the market we previewed it first to make sure it was a fit and then squeezed in showings whenever we could in order to make sure they saw the homes in time to schedule pre-inspections and prepare an offer in time for the offer review date. It was the 5th offer that stuck for this couple.  They were such troopers and they hung there!  Being competitive with your offer is key and this house just happened to be in a sweet spot with its list price allowing these buyers to be able to escalate their price enough to get the house without going over their budget. Once we scored the house, it was all about walking these first time buyers through every step so there were no surprises along the way.

We better get an invite to watch some Hawks games in your great media room Matt and Brittany!

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