It is Auction Time – Capitol Hill Condo for First Time Buyer

When our previous clients called us to say their daughter was in the market for her first condo we couldn’t wait to start the search!

It turns out she was desiring something brand new and fresh in a vibrant urban location for a bargain. What did that bring to mind? Auction! With the Brix and Gallery Auctions on the horizon we set out pick which building suited her needs most, and it turned out to be Brix. Then it came down to finding which units she would be happy to live in and how much she would be willing to spend on them. Once the units were selected and the price caps were determined it was Auction time!

And, drum roll please, she was the proud and happy winner of a wonderful new open one bedroom with a huge deck in the eclectic Broadway area of Capitol Hill.

Enjoy your new digs Lindsay!

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