Helping Son Purchase Condo in Bellevue for Relocation

This buyer first called us after reading our condo blog, and realizing that, as an out of state buyer, we were well equipped and plenty knowledgeable in the condo market to be able to help them locate their condo site unseen.

Beginning the search with wanting a two bedroom condo, we quickly realized that for the level of finishes and newness desired that a larger scale one bedroom would get them the quality of building they wanted with the modern finishes they love in their price point. With the son moving into town this summer and working in Bellevue, we were searching in both Seattle and Bellevue high rise buildings. We first connected in December and with a move date of August we had plenty of time to flesh out which buildings and locations they liked most with building and unit videos. Our first offer wasn’t a winner but it helped these out of area buyers understand the competitiveness of our local market. When we found the next condo they loved, they were prepared and ready to pounce aggressively and that is just what we did. After sending more detailed videos and information, we closed smoothly on this beautiful Bellevue high rise condo.

Welcome to the west coast Waleed!

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