Heading Back to Canada Means Selling Victory Heights Home

These clients became dear friends after we helped them purchase their first condo in Seattle. A few years later, they started a family and we were able to help them purchase a house in Victory Heights. However, being Canadians, it came time for them to move home.

On a visit to Canada, they found their perfect new home and came back to Seattle and let us know it was go time! We sprang into action. And it was all about the coordination. When you are on a tight timeline and turn-around, scheduling the vendors can sometimes feel like a game of Tetras. A newly remodeled home, this family house only needed a good cleaning, a landscaping refresh and a couple handyman updates. After that work was complete it was time for staging, photography, videography, floorplan creation and the 3D walkthrough. Making sure that each needed service was booked in the correct order, not overlapping and allowing us to meet our on-market deadline is always one of our greatest accomplishments when it comes to putting homes on the market. Once this house was ready to go, we hit the market and within about a month we were sold and closed.

Good luck in Canada and we already miss you Greg and Claire!

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