First Time Homebuyer Snags Burien House

Introduced to us by a friend, this first time home buyer was looking to purchase a home for her and her son and we set off to help her make that happen.

We had our buyer consultation to go through market conditions, financing and offer strategies to set up realistic expectations. We learned about what the must haves, would likes and bonuses were for this buyer in their new home. Turns out the timing wasn’t right, we are here for our clients whether they’re ready to go or need to wait. Cut to 6 months later and we circled back and kicked off the tour. Looking to purchase a single-family house somewhere from Highland Park to Burien, we set up a search taking into account price range, location, layout and finishes. When a particular house we had been eying dropped its price, we were ready to write it up. We were able to negotiate inspection concessions to make this work for our Buyer.

So glad you found your new home Sarah!

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